1Application/ Registration Fee50/- per application
2.Inspection Fee
a)Self Pollinated Crop (Wheat, Gram, Lentil, Paddy, Barley & others) 350/- per heq.
b)Cross Pollinated Crop (Maize, Mustard, Potato, Rai, Pea & other vegetable crops)400/- Per heq.
3Re-Inspection Fee
 a)All Self Pollinated Crops125/- Per heq.
 b)Cross Pollinated Crops150/- Per heq.
4Seed Testing Fee
 a)Certified Seed Sample40/- Per Sample
 b)Service Sample50 Per Sample
5Seed Health Test (Wheat, Pearl millet, Sprghum & Paddy)20/- Per Sample
6Grow out Inspection Fee
 a)Self Pollinated Crops200/- Per Sample
 b)Cross Pollinated Crops250/- Per Sample
7Registration fee of Processing Plants5000/-For 3 Years
8Renewal Fee of Plant 5000/-For 3 Years
9Institutional Registration5000/-For 3 Years
10Processing Charge
 a)Self Pollinated Crop (All)4/- Per Qtls.
 b)Cross Pollinated Fee5/- Per Qtls.
11Re-Processing Fee5/- Per Qtls
12Tag Charges
a)Certified Tag4/- Per Tag
b)Foundation Tag4/- Per Tag
13Spot Tagging4/- Per Tag
14Seed Transfer Fee3.50/- Per Qtls.
15Re-validation Fee
 a)Self Pollinated Crop (All)10/- Per Qtls.
 b)Cross Pollinated Crop (All)15/- Per Qtls.
16Seed Re-testing Fee35/- Per Sample 
17Late Fine500/- Per Month / Application for two months only
18Certificate Export Fee1000/- Per Certificate
19Potato grading charge5/-Qlts.
20Potato/Sugarcane Certificate100/-Each Certificate
Minimum Inspection fee allowed for Vegetable seed 0.25 Hec & Other varieties 0.50 Hec. Apply.

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